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Here's a basic outline of the standard rules. Each game may have its own rules, but this is a good way to get started. Check out the Introduction page for more details.

Basic Game Structure

  1. Every player who signs up is given a role. A role gives you special abilities or restrictions in the game. The host of the game may allow you to re-roll your role and may take requests for roles; it is up to them. Generally you will have a role.
  2. There is a map, imagine that all action in the game takes place on this map. Use it to plan your night actions and also to help you investigate what happened.
  3. Night actions. Submit what you want to do each night. You may attempt to kill another player or you may just do really wacky things and have fun. Typically there is one kill per night, regardless of how many people choose to submit kill actions or not. Sometimes mistakes happen, other times there's a lot of killers out there. Whoever is killed is typically out of the game.
  4. Investigations. The host writes up what everyone actually did at night and what they noticed. There is also public investigation information with who died and some details about what happened to help get investigating how whoever died started.
  5. Class trial. Around the same time the investigation phase goes up, a class trial goes up. Everyone who was in the game during the previous night investigation is an option in the class trial and the goal is to vote for whoever you believe killed the victim. Whoever gets the most votes is kicked out of the game.
  6. Survivors. Whoever survives at the end is considered the winner of the game. However the game ends is ultimately up to however the host runs it.

Special notes

  • Accounts - Never post the official account you get from the host anywhere public. This will get you immediately kicked from the game.
  • Suicides - Suicide votes seem like a way to get past a class trial without anyone extra being kicked out of the game. Because of this, most hosts decide to kill a random living player if a suicide is voted and the victim was murdered. However, this is by the hosts digression.
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