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Sourced from The Minus World Killing Game: An Introduction


The Minus World Killing Game is a fast-paced do-or-die experience, in which you'll betray your friends, sacrifice some poor sap, lie about your special role, plan murders, and engage in some courtroom drama.

Unlike Kira Game, which was almost entirely a team vs. team experience, occasionally leading to circlejerkery, alliances, and generally securing the win for whichever team could jack themselves off faster, the Killing Game is every man for themselves. You can of course, ally yourselves with others to get further in the game and scheme to take down suspicious people, but it all comes down to the last man standing, and when the time comes, your partners will look mighty ripe for the picking.

Of course it's not always that simple. Every game will have a different set of secret special roles which each have different powers for every player. Some help you get away with murder more easily, some help you survive, and some help you catch the culprit. Then you have the ones that just encourage you to dick around. I like those ones.

Everyone's bedroom also contains a Boogeyman under their bed. Your can try and interact with the Boogeyman if you so desire, but when questioned, a Boogeyman will crudely perform charades in order to show what happened in the bedroom that night. You can attempt to fool the Boogeyman if you so desire, but largely they exist so going into someone's bedroom and shooting them, then walking out isn't a viable and common tactic.

It sounds rather complicated, but actually it's a very simple game, and a lot easier to get into than the other similar games, like Kira Game before it. Much of this game comes from your own creativity with your murders, and how you choose to use environmental quirks and special powers to pull them off or frame others, as opposed to convoluted rules in and of themselves. Speaking of which…

RULES: Killing Phase

As stated, this game is an absolute cakewalk to play. One “Phase” of the game lasts two days. One day is the killing phase which is probably the easiest to participate in. Once per Killing Phase, unless your role states otherwise, you may submit a “murder” to the host through PM. All this PM has to say is who you want to kill, how you want to kill them, and why you want them dead. Of course, you can also just not kill, and instead pull off some stupid action like making Gato's clothes into a Klan robe, stealing paint, etc. The world is yours basically, and how you spend your night is entirely up to you. The sky's the limit here.

It's that simple! And be sure to use the locations and your special power to your advantage here, as the more detailed you make your murder plan, the more likely it'll be that it won't have any serious flaws, and the more likely it'll be that you'll get away with it in turn.

The successful killer is selected randomly out of all submissions, but watch out, because if anyone tries to target the same guy as you and fails, or you pass through a room someone else chooses to watch, you'll have a witness on your hands.

…Oh, and you'd better have at least one guy try to murder, because if no one does, I'll lynch a random instead!

RULES: Investigation Phase

This phase, also lasting a day, is where the more social aspect of the game kicks in. The victim will be discovered, the crime scene will be revealed, and the case files will be posted. Any witnesses may know more than the thread lets on, but if you're a witness, you might want to be careful about coming forward with the info you have received, lest you seem suspicious yourself as a result.

If you want an example of how these Investigation Phases go, there's plenty in the archives. They're overall very simple to understand.

But it's all in your hands now. Whether you're the killer or not, the evidence is laid out, the witnesses are around, and you'll welcome to request more info on the scene, body, or anything else. The host will answer your questions about the case and evidence, up to a certain point obviously. You won't just be able to ask who the killer is.

Discussion and defense of your position, along with speculation on roles and private conversation with anyone you deem trustworthy is encouraged, but do try to keep a decent chunk of your revelations and accusations in the thread. There were some people who liked to observe the last one, and I'd like to keep it fun for them too.

Open this whole time of course, is the [epic]Class Trial[/epic] thread, in which you can vote on who you feel is guilty. Be warned though, all your votes are public, and people would certainly be bothered if you voted for them while they're innocent.

At the end of this phase, the one with the most votes is lynched, and the game resumes. Remember that if all the votes are equal, or no one votes at all, it'll go to a random lynch!

NOTE: Early confessions do not close the class trial any more. They will not be verified in any way and are no longer valid.


…And that's generally how this works. Pretty easy right?

Whew, I'm beat. Typing that much really knocks the wind out of a guy. I don't even have fingers. Anyway, that's pretty much it for now. If there's any questions, I'll probably get around to answering them here, as long as you're not a dick about it.

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